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General Features

+ No software to download or install - Calabunga!™ is a web-based application
+ Use Calabunga!™ from any computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) with internet access and a web browser
+ New! Set up an RSS feed to view your calendar items in an RSS reader


Premium Account Features

+ Add Registered Users and Groups to your account - all users see the same calendar(s) so everyone is "on the same page"
+ Set different access levels for different users - Master Admin, General Admin, or View Only
+ Show/hide items to different users and groups
+ Show/hide calendars to different users and groups
+ Use Notify to instantly notify Users and Groups of any changes/updates
+ Set email and/or text message reminders for users/groups


Publish Calendar to Web

+ One-click publish any or all calendars to WWW
+ Choose start date of public calendar
+ Add HTML Header/Footer to customize look of published calendar
+ Or, for non-techies, set just font and background color
+ Link to published calendar from your website
+ Own website not required


Calendar Display

+ Create multiple calendars
+ Display by Day, Week, Month or Year
+ Display any number of days, weeks, months or years
+ Day mode: set starting and ending hours
+ Color code events
+ Color code calendars
+ Show or hide past items
+ Show or hide U.S. Holidays
+ Show or hide previous/next month
+ Show or hide item notes




Exchange data with other calendar software

Currently supported:
• Import/Export with MS Outlook
• Import/Export with Apple iCal


Supports vCal (.vcs or .ics) format



Recurring Events


Easily Add/Edit recurring events all at once


Choose from Five recurrence types:
- Weekly (Every/Every Other/Every Third/Every Fourth)
- Monthly 1 (same dates each month)
- Monthly 2 (same days of the week each month)
- Yearly (same day each year)
- Duration (number of days in a row)





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