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Use the chart below to determine the best account for your needs.
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  Basic Premium Small Premium Medium Premium Large
Price $3.95
per month
per month
per month
per month
# Login Users 1 up to 8 up to 24 Unlimited
Max. Calendars 1 up to 3 up to 6 Unlimited
Max. Groups -- up to 6 up to 12 Unlimited
Publish to Web? Y Y Y Y
Email Reminders/
-- Y Y Y
Text Message Reminders/Notifications? -- Y Y Y

Free Trial?

Who Should Use? Individuals or Webmasters Small Groups or Businesses Medium Groups or Businesses Large Groups or Businesses


What is a login user?

That simply means a user who has been added to your Calabunga account, and who can access your account via a loginID and password. The minimum information to add a login user is their email address. If you choose to publish your calendar to the Web, non-login users may view, but not add to or edit, the published version of your calendar.

What is the advantage to having a Premium Account?

Premium accounts allow you to have multiple login users. Because you have the users' email addresses in the database, this allows you to use features such as notify on update, email reminders, and message center. Additionally, you may set access levels for each login user - Master Admin, General Admin, or View Only.





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